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Encore Rehabilitation Services employees, please sign in to Everlearn with your username and password and click on the link for exclusive access and pricing to CEU360, Encore’s CEU Preferred Provider. is Encore Rehabilitation’s internal employee education and resource portal. Through Everlearn, our clinical and compliance teams are able to distribute new information and updates out to our therapists in real-time as they become available.

With Everlearn, our employees are able to:

  • Enjoy consistency in communication of policy, procedures, regulatory information, and new hire orientation.

  • Access a personalized portal for up-to-date billing, coding, documentation, and clinical information.

  • Review key resources, tools, and FAQs to assist with clinical decision making.

  • Utilize clinical information in short, easy to use formats that allow swift implementation of new clinical techniques.

  • Get instant access to everything they will need as a member of the Encore Rehab family.